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Apple and the FBI have been in a heated battle for the last 2 weeks over encryption software that would allow the FBI to open or “unlock” the iPhone of the terrorist responsible for the San Bernardino, CA shooting that killed 14 people and injured 22. This battle did not begin in mid-February, however. In September of 2014, Apple increased the encryption of data on the iPhone to include not just emails and calendar data but also text messages, photos, and contacts. The FBI immediately criticized these software changes, stating that it could potentially hinder the investigation of suspected criminals. Here are a couple of articles about this particular battle of Security v. Privacy.

History of Apple’s Fight – Business Insider

County Gave Feds OK – American Bar Association

  But I was interested in what you think. We live in an age of increasing security, which can encroach and even invade our privacy. Please take a minute to respond to our survey below and see what your peers are saying.

Security v. Privacy
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