Life Program LogoThe Life Program™ is an annual updating program designed to ensure that our clients’ trust-based estate plans are kept current and relevant. The legal environment, the economy, and individual circumstances can change so quickly, so we work diligently to maintain and protect the trusts of our clients. Each year we welcome families into our office to review any changes that need to be made to their revocable living trust.

This program includes:

  • Trust Amendments
  • Annual Group or Individual Meetings with the attorney
  • Funding Support
  • Proactive Planning Services
  • Document Storage
  • Most Importantly – A reciprocal commitment between the firm and the client.



The Legacy Program™ is a new program that provides many of the same services as The Life Program™ but is tailored to our irrevocable trust clients and their families. 2016 was the founding year for this program.

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