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probate planning booklet
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This guide will help you navigate the difficult and stressful time after the loss of a loved one to ensure all financial and legal considerations are taken care of quickly and securely.

Download the e-Book Now

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a traumatic and stressful time. Our hope is that this booklet will help you navigate this time with more clarity and less stress and that you will be armed with the information and answers to important questions you are likely to encounter.

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This e-Book Will Help Ensure You Take All Necessary Steps After The Loss Of A Loved One Including:

Identifying assets your loved one owned

Notifying insurance companies and filing claims when necessary

Applying for benefits where applicable

Canceling voter registration, driver’s license, and other important steps

medicaid planning missouriThe goal of this booklet is to assist your family with concerns you may be facing after the death of a loved one. I wanted to provide information in a clear and concise manner during this difficult time. I hope you find this to be as helpful as other clients have found it in the past. 

“Chris and his team have been IMMENSELY helpful through the years. When my husband Jim died, Chris went above and beyond professional – he was a friend who helped me conquer my large list of unknowns. And in the years since, he’s helped with many issues – from realty to disaster advice to drafting my will. I highly recommend the services of The Law Firm of CW Dumm!”

 – Kim C.

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If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, we are here to help. Contact attorney Christopher W. Dumm and let us know how we can support you during this difficult time.

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