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Estate Taxes Are They Getting Ready To Go Up

Estate Taxes: Are They Getting Ready To Go Up?

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   I’m writing to you today to share an article I recently received from Bob Keebler. This report does a good job of quickly explaining the Proposed Section 2704 Regulations Published that were issued August 4, 2016.
   The bottom line is that the proposed regulations will eliminate many valuation discounts which planners (and their clients) have come to expect and rely on when planning with interests in business entities, real estate entities and investment partnerships. The effective result may be an increase in the the estate tax rate for many clients and their families.
   Our commitment to training, advanced strategy know-how, and use of technology has assisted many families and businesses in the navigation of this maze of taxes. To compliment our efforts, we partner with skilled professionals like you. Please contact me with any questions concerning valuation discounts and how it affects your clients’ goals. We also offer free
workshops in our office twice a month. These workshops are designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about estate planning as well as provide the attendee with planning options they may not have previously considered.
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