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Ted & Susan

Chris Dumm and associates have been our trust team since the last century. We signed our trust document with Chris in 1999. We are part of a large extended family built around a business that operated in the 4-state area. Chris’s years of experience in trust law and litigation has served to enlighten us in revising and updating our trust given ongoing changes in family dynamics.

Leslie & Mark

My husband and I have only had the best of service and care with Mr. Dumm and his entire staff.


Christopher W. Dumm provides excellence in estate planning, wealth protection, elder law and estate administration. I was happy to refer my parents to Mr. Dumm. He provided them with excellent care in our family estate plan and asset protection. I highly recommend that anyone use his services.


We have had our trust with Christopher Dumm for a number of years. We are completely satisfied. He continues to educate us and update us. We have great trust in him.


We have been clients of Chris Dumm for 14 years, have worked closely with him in keeping our trust up to date. He keeps up with all of the laws concerning trusts and and estate planning, and makes sure we are aware of changes in the laws that affect our trust. He explains things on a level that we can understand. We have highly recommended him to our friends over the years.


Chris is a very knowledgeable attorney on elder law. He also is excellent in dealing with the special needs of his elderly clients. I would highly recommend Chris for any senior citizen.


Chris has a way of explaining complicated subjects with humor and language which is easy to understand. I am so happy my wife and I chose Chris to protect our family and our wealth.


I have had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Dumm on several occasions and I have been very pleased with his responsivness to my needs. His staff has always been helpful and I would feel very comfortable recommending him to my family.

Billie D.

Great people to work with on setting up our trust.

Marion C.

The expertise, genuine caring, and sense of humor have all led us to feel at ease in making decisions about our financial goals! Thank you!

Kim C.

Chris and his team have been IMMENSELY helpful through the years. When my husband Jim died, Chris went above and beyond professional – he was a friend who helped me conquer my large list of unknowns. And in the years since, he’s helped with many issues – from realty to disaster advice to drafting my will. I highly recommend the services of The Law Firm of CW Dumm!

Barbara I.

We have been clients for 18 years. We are known by our name, not a number. The staff is efficient and friendly. Our records are updated annually. Seminars and newsletters are provided without cost. And, from time to time, Chris manages to even tell a good joke!

Diane A.

Chris Dumm has handled our family trusts for 2 generations now. He is as honest as the day is long. Efficiency is his middle name. We have never regretted this choice; you won’t either.

Ray T.

Chris has handled our estate for over 15 years and both of my parents are now passed. The structure he placed us under proved to be worthy and we experienced no difficulties. It helped maintain family peace and provided a vehicle for the heirs to wind up with what they wanted. The continuing business of the farm and families involved is with him and we are very satisfied. I am comfortable to refer him and his firm to all.

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