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Family Coming For Thanksgiving? Estate Planning

Family Coming For Thanksgiving?

Dear Friend,
   If your family is like mine, the holidays bring with them a LOT of quality family time! And it is during these times that families often notice subtle health and lifestyle changes in elderly parents, aunts & uncles, and grandparents.
“Mom isn’t getting around well.” 
“Grandpa’s memory doesn’t seem as sharp.” 
“When did Aunt Betty stop driving?”
   Does your family have a plan for the care of your loved ones? This holiday season, it would be beneficial to take time to talk with extended family about your parents’ and grandparents’ future and the care you intend to provide for them. Ask questions like:
Who makes healthcare decisions if Mom or Dad cannot?
What are their wishes in case of a terminal diagnosis?
If they become disabled, do they want to remain at home?
Who is in charge when both parents have passed?
How will we pay for their care?
   At our firm, we work with families just like yours to help answer these questions. Planning provides peace of mind to all involved and ensures that important decisions don’t have to be made during emotional and stressful situations.
   Each month our office provides free educational workshops. These workshops are designed to not only answer your questions about estate planning, but also to make you aware of numerous often unknown options. We have a few seats still open for our workshop in early November, and I would like to invite you and your loved ones to attend. Please join me to learn more about the estate planning options available to you, or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.
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