Long-Term Care: Protecting Yourself from Unplanned Expenses

Folks looking ahead to their twilight years often worry about losing their life’s work to long-term care facility fees. For some, the solution is simple: rely on children and loved ones for needed support. Unfortunately, this does not always work out. State law dictates that should you end up in a condition where staying at home is deemed unsafe, a qualified nursing facility must take over care. If caught by this unprepared, the consequences can be costly. Accordingly, everyone ought […]

Long-Term Care

Don’t Procrastinate on Setting up an Estate Plan: The Top 5 Reasons to Get Started Today

In these uncertain times, it may feel harder than ever to plan for the future. After all, in the space of a few short months any semblance of predictability has been lost and a litany of reasons for worry have taken hold. The Covid-19 pandemic and its associated consequences provoke a fear that for many is paralyzing. However hard this may be to overcome, experts insist that proactive behavior can have a profound positive impact on mental health. Besides the […]

Don’t procrastinate on setting up an estate plan. The top 5 reasons to get started today.