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Did You Miss Our Last “Built to Last” Event?

If you read that and thought, “Wait, your last event? Hasn’t the pandemic cancelled everything for the foreseeable future?” You wouldn’t be wrong, but you wouldn’t be quite right, either. The Covid-19 pandemic has, of course, forced nearly all public events to postpone or cancel, but certain essential services remain available, including elder law estate planning offices. After all, when other than in the midst of a global health crisis has estate planning been more important? In our experience, never.

Clients apparently agree because demand has never been so high for our in-office estate planning workshops. If phones still had hooks (and still rung rather than vibrated), they’d have long-ago popped off. We always have upcoming workshops, so be sure to check out the schedule and reserve your seat.

What does the workshop cover?

Our free, no-obligation workshops address the essential questions asked of any estate plan:

  1. How do I avoid probate?
  2. Is it possible to prevent family chaos?
  3. How do I protect my children’s inheritance?
  4. What tools are available to minimize estate taxes?
  5. Can I protect my assets NOW?

Additionally, every workshop provides ample time and space to address any doubts, concerns, or misconceptions you may have about the estate planning process.

Even if allowed, is it responsible to host an estate planning workshop right now?

This is a question we’ve thought long and hard about, both out of concern for our safety and yours. The bottom line is that there is no absolute measure for “responsible” in these times, as the term shifts meaning according to each individual’s risk tolerance level. We’ve let client demand be our guide and nonetheless have taken extraordinary precautions in preparing the workshop space. Limited staff is on-site, our conference room is large, all tables have been removed, and other surface areas have been kept to a minimum. CDC sterilizing procedures are strictly followed, and sanitizing products are on-hand. Even so, we know that for many this is not enough and hence, we also offer a 12-minute virtual workshop alongside virtual meetings and in-home signings.

Register for a FREE Estate Planning Workshop Now!

Our commitment to upholding social-distancing guidelines means workshop space is limited and seats must be reserved ahead of time. With no cost and no obligation, there’s no reason to wait and every reason to hurry. After all, as said above, there really is no time better time than in the midst of a global pandemic to ensure your affairs are in order.

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