Did You Miss Our Last “Built to Last” Event?

If you read that and thought, “Wait, your last event? Hasn’t the pandemic cancelled everything for the foreseeable future?” You wouldn’t be wrong, but you wouldn’t be quite right, either. The Covid-19 pandemic has, of course, forced nearly all public events to postpone or cancel, but certain essential services remain available, including elder law estate planning offices. After all, when other than in the midst of a global health crisis has estate planning been more important? In our experience, never. […]

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Estate Planning for College Students: 3 Legal Tools That All Students Need

Never has heading off (or returning) to college come loaded with so much uncertainty. This year, students need to worry about more than just building a balanced schedule, choosing the best professors, and compiling a list of all events that serve free pizza. As things stand, free pizza probably won’t be a thing…and even if it were, many students don’t yet know if they’ll even be heading to campus to partake in such essential educational experiences as scrounging for the […]

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