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The Little Red Wagon

When you were a child, you toted your prized possessions around with you wherever you went. Your little red Radio Flyer traveled with you around the yard and neighborhood. Packed with as many toys, sand box tools, dolls, and Army men as you could fit, ready for you to use at any time or maybe just keep away from your little brother or sister.

Years pass, and our prized possessions increase in size and value. We still want to protect our belongings. A properly designed estate plan can ensure your things go where you want them to go and are protected for the benefit of you and your family. Just like the little red wagon from your childhood kept your belongings where you wanted them. 

Choosing who you want to build your little red wagon is an important decision. You are trusting the future well-being of you and your loved ones to the firm you choose. Here are a few questions you should consider when choosing who you want to design and implement your estate plan:

  • Does the firm limit their practice to estate planning and related matters? We have focused our practice on estate planning for 22 years! We are proud members of WealthCounsel, ElderCounsel, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and e.Planners Educational Alliance. We have the most accurate, up to date resources available to stay on top of changes in the legal environment involving estate planning.
  • Does the firm offer fixed prices to design and implement estate plans? We offer fixed pricing on all our estate plans with multiple options that can be tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.
  • Does the firm include asset alignment to your trust? The best designed trust document is of no benefit if your assets are not transferred to your trust. We want to ensure that your plan works the way you intend when the time comes. We will ensure your little red wagon has the stuff you want in it.
  • Does the firm offer a maintenance program to keep your plan up to date? Our client care programs maintain our clients’ little red wagons. We make sure your stuff in your wagon stays up to date as well as your estate planning documents. Changes are inevitable – changes to our family situations, changes to estate and tax laws, changes to your health and well-being. Your membership in a client care program ensures that your trust continues to fulfill your wishes despite all these changes.
  • Does the firm offer planning focused on relationships and values? We believe most people would like to pass down important life lessons that they have learned just as much, if not more than they want to pass on their belongings. We can help integrate values like the importance of an education, strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and more into your estate plan.
  • Does the firm provide ancillary documents with their estate plans? Planning for disability is a very important part of an estate plan. All our trust plans come with a General Durable Power of Attorney, Pour Over Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization.
  • Does the firm offer an online document retrieval service? Our LIFE, Legacy and Heritage trusts all come with a one year membership in Docubank. When enrolled in a client care program, your Docubank annual membership fee is included. Your important documents are never more than a few clicks away, no matter where you are. There’s even an app for your phone!
  • Will the firm work with your trusted advisors? At your discretion we will work with your financial advisors, insurance agents, bankers and other professionals to ensure your estate planning process goes smoothly.

Investing in an estate plan is probably one of the most important gifts you can give your loved ones. Choosing who prepares your plan is essential to ensuring your goals are met and the plan works as intended. We are honored that you are considering our firm to help you reach your estate planning goals. Protecting you and the ones you love is our passion!

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