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Medicaid Enrollment

Your Medicaid Enrollment May Change.

Are you or someone you know currently enrolled in Medicaid? Millions of Americans could soon lose their coverage as states are once again verifying eligibility for the health insurance program. Although some individuals will continue their coverage, millions could lose access to their current coverage due to administrative hurdles or changes in their income.

This redetermination process is set to take place within the next 14 months, beginning April 1st.  States will begin to go through enrollments, and deny people who do not qualify. Each state will have a slightly different process, but all will take around a year to complete the verification process for each Medicaid enrollee. This sudden change is due to cause some confusion.

It is vital to make sure that your contact information is up-to-date with your state Medicaid office. You can create an account on the MO state Medicaid website  and update your information, or call the MO Medicaid office at (855) 373-4636 MO to confirm your information.  It is important to watch for communication from the MO Medicaid office, including notices in the mail, phone calls, or emails.

Different states may require different documentation, but, in general, they will want to verify your income, address, and whether you’ve had a change in the number of dependents. Expect to receive a notice asking to confirm or update your financial or other information, to which you must respond within 30 days.

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